A proven, whole-horse approach to exemplary care

Powerful as they are, horses are also extraordinarily delicate, intricate organisms. At Tucson Equestrian Center, your horse will be cared for by a watchful, expert team that understands horses’ intricate physiology, their motivations and telling behaviors—and knows how to respond if problems arise.


Tucson Equestrian Center is known for its success in teaching horses “ground manners,” including focus, respect and obedience. “Trailering” (entering and leaving trailers calmly and efficiently) is also emphasized. All TEC training is designed and conducted with safety (horse and human) as its ultimate goal.


Tucson Equestrian Center specializes in restoring performance horses—even some who have recommended for euthanasia--to maximum health. Much of this groundbreaking work made possible by TEC’s AquaStride pool and regimen. Learn more at the AquaStride site. Pre-sale and pre-competition conditioning packages are available.

Mare Care

TEC provides expert care of expecting mares—both first-time and and experienced mothers—and their developing offspring. Watchful attention, potent nutrition, appropriate exercise and specialized handling that prepares mares nursing all combine for ultimate assurance of mother and foal safety. And the mild Arizona winters provide a warm welcome to the new babies!


In addition to improved performance and musculature, owners quite often note their horses’ gleaming coats after a stay at TEC. That’s because all horses in TEC rehab, conditioning and mare care programs are fed nutritionally complete, hay-based pellets, locally formulated and produced by Lakin Milling Company.

Equine Dentistry

Horse health depends on nutrition, which depends largely on sound teeth. Besides malnutrition, bad teeth and misaligned bites can also cause nerve impingement, headaches and balance problems. TEC’s equine dentist, Dr. Phil Ratliff, emphasizes precise care with a conservative approach, having observed that many horses’ problems are due to overuse of dental grinding equipment.

Farrier Care

Horses’ performance, health and well-being depend largely on healthy feet, which can be ruined by poorly fitted and/or faddish shoes. Tyson Clark, Arizona’s only certified journeyman farrier, works with Tucson Equestrian Center to make every horse is shoed in keeping with its unique feet and legs—rather than textbook drawings or the latest trends.